A news item from last week announces a new fabric company coming to Winston Salem. HPFabrics is a Turkish owned company which is promising 260 new jobs in 3 years: Read the press release here.


AKC Note: The new fabric mill will be in the ex Microfibers building in Winston Salem. We reported the closure of Microfibers Inc in News Update Jan 27 2016, at the time they were one of the largest producers of flocked fabric in the US. In December 2016 the Turkish company Tukek Holdings filed a purchase agreement to buy Microfibers for $5.79 million. It appears that this deal was not completed and that Tutek Holding in the form of its subsidiary company HPFabrics is now buying the Winston Salem plant of Mictofibers and is going to carry out upgrades and install new machinery to bring back the flocking activity to the building. At the time of closure Microfibers was using relatively large volumes of nylon fiber.

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