AstenJohnson has announced that they are acquiring the Northern Division of Foss Manufacturing: Read the press release here.


AKC Note: Foss Manufacturing based in New Hampshire has been a long time leader in the production and development of needlepunch nonwoven fabrics. They have also been a producer of recycled polyester staple from post-consumer bottles since 2009. Foss made diversification investments in Georgia in 2012 and in 2016 when they purchased a needlepunch flooring plant from Beaulieu. Based on the linked report it appears that AstenJohnson is purchasing the New Hampshire operations which include the recycled polyester staple plant, while the CEO will take over the Georgia based flooring business.

AstenJohnson are better known for their paper machine clothing products, but they did diversify into nonwovewns with the purchade of Eagle Nonwovens in 2014.

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