Lenzing has announced a major expansion of its branded Lyocell product Tencel®  with a new 90,000 ton annual capacity plant at its existing site in Mobile, Alabama.  Read the press release here…


AKC Note: More good news for the US textile industry with this near $300 million investment by Lenzing. The plant is scheduled for start up in 2019. Global Tencel® capacity is currently 220,000 tons and with this expansion plus debottlenecking at existing plants Lenzing will add more than 50% additional capacity. Tencel® is a Lyocell form of rayon made from cellulosic wood pulp. One of the key features of the Tencel® operation is that the solvent that is required is kept in a closed loop system with 98% of it being recycled. This makes the process a much more environmentally friendly operation than most of the alternative rayon processes. Demand for rayon products has been very strong for the last 7 – 8 years both in apparel and also in nonwovens.

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