Reports of a Chinese textile company investing in a new plant in South Carolina: Read the press release here…


AKC Note:  The website for Labon indicates: “Labon is the leading manufacture for fibrillated fiber. Its aramid pulp and acrylic pulp are widely applied in the sealing industry, which present high quality with superior heat resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent oil & water proof, air tightness, excellent mechanical strengthen and compressive resilience. The gaskets are qualified for sealing in most harsh working environment.”

It is unclear just what the processes will be at the new plant in Orangeburg and whether they will be purchasing aramid and acrylic pulp from China. Labon produces meta aramids spun yarns and UHMWPE in their plant in China.

Assuming this will be the last News Update prior to Christmas, I take the opportunity to wish all  my friends in the industry a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year during which we will hopefully find out what life under President Trump is going to be like!.

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