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FTC Establishes Subclass Name "Lastol"

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a final rule, effective January 27, amending its Rules and Regulations Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act (Textile Rules) to establish the subclass name "lastol" as an alternative to the generic name "olefin" for a specific subclass of elastic, cross-linked textile fibers. These fibers are manufactured by the Dow Chemical Company and were previously referred to as "CEF" Lastol is targeted for apparel applications and, according to Dow, will offer consumers a wider choice in garments containing stretch fabric.

Specifically, the FTC is amending 16 CFR 303.7(m) to state that, "Where the fiber-forming substance is a cross-linked synthetic polymer, with low but significant crystallinity, composed of at least 95% by weight of ethylene and at least one other olefin unit, and the fiber is substantially elastic and heat resistant, the term lastol may be used as a generic description of the fiber."

The Federal Register notice can be viewed here.

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