As of September 01, 2017, PHP Fibers took over the Breathair® activities by Toyobo Europe GmbH in Europe.

Breathair® is a complex and three-dimensional fiber structure used in upholstery materials. Toyobo launched this innovative product into the European market in 2013. Toyobo and PHP have now agreed that the product will be produced and sold at the Obernburg branch under PHP management.

PHP will use the available production facilities, and Toyobo will provide its production and process expertise and allow the use of the brand. You can expect the Breathair® product to be of the same, superior quality. As a well-established fiber manufacturer in the European market, PHP will boost sales and promote new developments and new areas of application such as the automotive sector.


  • BREATHAIR®, the plastic spring, consists of three dimensional loop structures.
  • It has been designed as a superior cushion material.
  • BREATHAIR not only has excellent elastic properties, but is also recyclable and has unprecedented breathability.