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Malaysia: DM 150 m Polyester Plant Contract for Zimmer

FRANKFURT, Jan. 13, 1998 — Hualon Corporation, Malaysia, has awarded Zimmer AG, a company of the Lurgi Group, an order for a polyester plant to be built near Kuala Lumpur. The order value amounts to DM 150 million. The Frankfurt engineering and construction company will supply the process technology, engineering and equipment.

The contract covers two continuous polyester polycondensation units designed to produce a total of 210,000 tons of polymer melt per year. Also, downstream and featuring the direct spinning process, two staple fibre facilities each having an annual capacity of 52,500 tons, and a filament spinning facility for the production of 114,500 tons/year of partially oriented yam (POY). Additionally, the supply includes an extruder spinning installation to produce 45,000 tons of microfilaments annually.

This is the latest of 35 contracts awarded to Zimmer by companies of the Hualon Group since 1984 for polymer and synthetic fibre plants: 25 polyester plants (totaling around 1.8 million tons/year capacity) and 10 polyamide plants (totaling 300,000 tons/year capacity); their order value together amounted to over DM 780 million.

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