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Comments on www.fibersource.com

     “I’m very impressed with the site. I’ve been wandering all over the place for more than an hour. I found the writing on your site to be very “people friendly” — I’m sure lots of students find it extremely helpful.”
               - an advertising executive from New York

     “I’m an apparel design student and this site has been very useful.”
               - a student from Seattle

     WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely outstanding info. Essential to recent research I performed on fire resistant fabrics/fibers. Thanks very much.
               - Safety CPO, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet, U.S.N.

     “I am a textiles and apparel major at Cornell University and I am sitting here studying for a test in a class called “Fibers, Fabrics and Finishes”. I found your website so helpful, and it saved me. It’s amazing! Thank you!”
               - a student in Ithaca, NY

      “This is a great site! We are a manufacturer of detergents and commonly have clients issue complaints regarding their garments. This site will be of great help.”
               - a research & development chemist in Illinois

     “I use your web site almost every day for information for my Introductory Textile Science class at Florida State University. The students have a direct link and they use it frequently also.”
               - a student at Texas Woman’s University

     “Your site is great! I have a project on the environment and textiles. Your website helped me a lot and I just wanted to thank you!”
               - an associate professor in Tallahassee

     “I really like your site. Great info, helpful graphics. Links are well placed and provide depth!”
               - a environmental engineer from Louisiana

     “What a great site! I’m looking for a new area rug and have seen several marked ‘Olefin’ and had no idea what it was. Your site was straightforward and spoke in layman terms. I feel like I can make an informed decision now!”
               - a mom from Ohio

      “I’m writing from Spain to tell you that your site is at the moment the best I’ve seen on the WWW. I’m a textile engineer at a fiber company here in Spain and I’m happy seeing these things on the net.”
               -a textile engineer major at Georgia Tech

      “Your website is fabulous! At last I know what makes a polyester a polyester and not a polyolefin. For some reason, when the chemists I write for tried to explain the big picture of polymers, I ended up in a tangle of mismatched details. Now I know why rayon isn’t a synthetic and how closely related nylons and aramids are. Hooray.      . . . The text you present is thorough and doesn’t leapfrog intermediate information, very well organized and easy to traverse, and easy and fun to read. Grown up, informative, and without pretension. Thanks!!”
               - a technical writer

     “This site was very useful. At the moment I am doing a fabrics-based assignment and your site was a Godsend!”
               - a high school student from Miami, FL

     “While working on a homework project, I found your website. It was very informative, and I thank you for posting needed information where it can be accessed easily. Thank you again, and keep up the good work!”
               - a textile & fiber engineering major at Georgia Tech

     “This certainly helped my daughter get started on her science project.”
               - a mom from Santa Cruz, CA

     “Grade: ‘A’. I suspect you know that you’ve put up an awesome site and provided the ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ options to make it look as if we might have a choice! ”
               - a fabric producer in Israel

     “I use your website quite frequently, particularly to update information for the revision of my textbook.”
               - an Associate Dean at the University of Tennessee

     “Thank you for this WONDERFUL resource for teachers and students. I am a home economics major preparing to do my student teaching and I plan on using your site to help me teach my class!”
               - a student at Texas Woman’s University

     “Your site is great! I have a project on the environment and textiles.Your website helped me a lot and I just wanted to thank you!”
               - a high school student in New Zealand

     “Exceptional website!”

“I was looking for a description of what rayon is and stumbled on your website.
Two hours later . . .”

“You cover everything from the basics to the chemistry in a format that neither intimidates the reader nor sets the teeth on edge with over-simplification. Providing understandable, thorough information to both third-graders and chemical engineers is incredibly challenging . . . Kudos!”
               - an architect from Indianapolis, IN

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