PEN (Polyester PEN)

(Polyethylene Naphthalate, one of three basic types of polyester)

Current U.S. PEN Fiber Producer: DuraFiber Technologies

Basic Principles of PEN Fiber Production — PEN, a new generation polymer, is a high performance member of the polyester family. Its unique chemical structure renders it useful for fibers, packaging and films. PEN has a modulus* that is five times that of nylon, two-and-a-half times that of polyester, and double that of rayon.

PEN Fiber Characteristics

  • Dimensional stability—low elongation and low shrinkage
  • Engineered for strength and dimensional stability

Some major PEN Fiber uses — Engineered reinforcements, cordage, tire cord, narrow and broadwoven fabrics. High-performance sailcloth in racing.