Fiber Handbook

The Manufactured Fiber Handbook is the official data source on the U.S. manufactured fiber industry. It contains industry data compiled directly from reports submitted by fiber producers. The Handbook provides the most current and comprehensive information available, in loose leaf reports issued as soon as new data is compiled. Historical data (up to twenty-five years in some series) are included for trend analysis. Handbook subscribers may request special data compilations covering earlier years. Coverage includes:

  • Nylon yarn, staple & tow
  • Polyester yarn, staple & tow
  • Olefin yarn, film fiber & staple

The Handbook Schedule


  • Domestic shipments
  • Producer export shipments
  • Production
  • Stocks
  • Textile, carpet, industrial
  • Textured & flat yarn
  • Shipments by denier


  • Primary end use
  • Imports
  • Quarterly summaries

Biannually & Annually:

  • Annual summaries
  • Capacities-utilization rates

Primary use
The Handbook’s flow of timely data is a valuable management planning tool for:

  • Tracking trends in production, shipments, stocks
  • Analyzing industry capacity relationships and changes
  • Checking sales against industry trends
  • Timely responses to new developments

One year subscription: $6,000

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