Manufactured Fibers Technical Video

From ancient times, fiber has been the stuff of fables…woven into protective fabric by wizards and magicians to deflect swords, insulate from the dragons’ fiery breath, transport riders through the sky, neutralize poisons, make damsels more beautiful…

Today’s wizards are polymer chemists, and they are experts in building molecular chains, not magic. The fibers they create are even more miraculous than those of legend.

This 14-minute, full-color video takes you on a fast-paced journey across the chemistry and technology that translate carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements into today’s fibers and fabrics.

A team of top chemists and communicators here created an educational aid that is packed with technical information. The Manufactured Fibers video is for any audience interested in fiber and textile products. Manufactured Fibers has something to offer university, college, and high school students, industry employees, retail trainees, consumer groups, and others who want to understand the chemistry and performance that have propelled the manufactured fiber industry to its position of worldwide dominance.