Care & Maintenance

Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Fabrics made from manufactured fibers are usually among the easiest to clean and maintain. However some, such as microfibers or certain rayons and acetates, may need to be dry cleaned or they may require special handling during laundry. The instructions on garment care labels provide guidance in those cases. The following links contain more information on care and maintenance:

An excellent general resource and consumer guide on fabric use and care.

EPA resources for environmental concerns related to different cleaning methods:
EPA “Wet Cleaning” Project


Carpet Care & Cleaning
Carpets made with manufactured fibers — usually nylon, polypropylene or polyester — offer many advantages in wear-life and stain-resistance. Proper care and cleaning of carpets can extend their useful lifes and provide significant reductions in indoor air dust and allergens. Visit the following resources for the best available information:

Carpet & Rug Institute
A good general resource on carpets and carpet care.


Spills and Stains
Always treat new stains as soon as possible, but be aware that not all fibers are amenable to all cleanup methods. If in doubt, try the cleaning method on a piece of the material that does not show to make sure that you won’t do more harm than good. The following resources provide a number of good suggestions for specific stains / fiber combinations:

A good general resource.

Carpet & Rug Institute
A carpet industry-wide resource.

Fabric Stain Removal Guide
A comprehensive resource on cleaners, detergents, and specific stains. Sponsored by Hi-Tech Detergents, Ltd of New Zealand.