High Performance Fiber Council

The High Performance Fiber Council fosters the interests of U.S.-based advanced fiber producers, suppliers, and customers. Its work includes:

  • Identifying and assessing public policy issues related to high performance fibers and advocate best outcomes for the sector
  • Timely Council Board briefings on significant international competitiveness issues
  • Staff assistance to Council members on Federal issues and programs

The Council was established in 2010 as an independent unit within AFMA in recognition of the expanding base of U.S. firms active in this dynamic sector. Council membership is open to producers of high performance fiber and related products.  Council membership includes no-cost access to AFMA Board meetings.

In 2017, the Council will meet concurrently with the AFMA Board on February 2/3; June 8/9; and September 29/30. There are no meeting registration costs for member company participants.

For information about Council membership, please contact Diane Bayatafshar at 703.875.0432, or at Diane (at) afma.org