Fiber Organon

The Fiber Organon is a monthly statistical journal summarizing confidential producer information on the U.S. manufactured fiber market. Global and natural fiber reports are also included. Published 30 days after the close of the month. Each issue contains easy reference charts and tables.

The Organon’s regular features are:

  • Monthly production, domestic shipments, exports, and stocks for major generic fibers
  • Monthly shipments by denier
  • Quarterly trends in shipments, by trade area/end use
  • Quarterly analysis of available supply
  • Import-export trade from Census by fiber type by country of origin/destination
  • Biannual capacity and capacity utilization rates by fiber type
  • Monthly summaries for key indexes and trends
  • U.S. Mill and Per Capita consumption of manufactured and natural fibers
  • Downstream textile import trends
  • Mill fiber consumption, manufactured and natural for key world regions

Three Organon issues are special planning tools. The June Worldwide Manufactured Fiber Survey contains production and producing capacity and utilization rates— by generic fiber type by country/region. The October End Use Survey reports on manufactured fiber quantities used in the production over 70 end use items, e.g., carpet and rugs, curtains, sweaters, etc. The December Natural Fiber Survey provides an analysis of natural fiber production and mill consumption by country.

Primary use
The Fiber Organon covers the U.S. domestic and foreign fiber industries and their markets. It contains monthly tracking data useful for short and long term planning — a valuable tool for continuing overview of the U.S. and global manufactured fiber industry.